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Licensed - Bonded - Insured               (602) 388-0075 

Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation or "Low Flow Irrigation" is a cost-effective way to water trees, shrubs, and cacti while conserving water in our beautiful desert environment. Drip Irrigation is the process of applying slow, steady, and precise volume of water directly to root zones. This is best accomplished by using fixed emitters or manifolds connected to either a Poly or PVC drip line. With the extreme heat in the Valley, Poly drip lines generally last 8 to 10 years before becoming brittle and developing leaks. Many homeowners opt to replace worn out Poly drip lines with Schedule 40 PVC pipe which offers double the lifespan. Contact us today for more information regarding any drip irrigation concerns!

  • Drip Line Repairs
  • Low Pressure Diagnosis
  • Driveway & Sidewalk Leaks
  • High Water Bill / Leak Detection
  • Poly Drip Line Replacement
  • Poly to PVC Conversion
  • Drip Zone Addition / Modification
  • Cap Lines  & Artificial Turf Prep

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